Manga on October’15

  • 7-Ghost vol.13
  • A Mysterious Feeling Called Love
  • Altair -Tale of Great War- vol.03
  • Attack on Titan vol.10
  • Brave 10 vol.03
  • Brave 10 vol.04
  • Code:Breaker vol.13
  • Crime Edge vol.06
  • D.Gray-man vol.06
  • Katekyou Hitman Reborn! vol.08
  • Kure-nai vol.01
  • Kuroshitsuji vol.19
  • Light Novel -Fiction or Reality?- vol.02
  • Mystery of Brazilian Butterfly
  • Mystery of Russian Tea
  • Nurarihyon no Mago vol.08
  • Pure Boyfriend
  • Qwan vol.02
  • Scarlet Fan ~The Tale of Eternal Love~ vol.10
  • Soul Gadget Radiant vol.07
  • The Breaker New Waves vol.08
  • The Future Diary 12 [END]
  • The Hazy Flower of Yoshiwara vol.01
  • Why kaneda Can’t Fall In Love? vol.02 [END]
  • Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki vol.01
  • Wolf x Wolves vol.03

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