“Kitsune ga daisuki!” means “I love fox!” in Japan language. I love this unique wildlife animal, a bit like wolf but with medium size. It’s so cute when they squinted and if I could I want to keep them. Because of my interest toward this fox, I also use them as a background theme of my blog and my PC.

One time, I was looking for who the photographer behind this awesome fox pictures, and lucky I found it. There are two photographers who were involved in the wildlife photography. They are Ivan Kislov and Roesellen Raimond.

Ivan Kislov is Russian mining engineer who works in a remote North-Eastern Chukotka region in the Arctic Tundra. When he breaks his long shift at work, Kislov turns to his other passion for relaxation — wild animal photography. His favorite taking photos in this cold and frigid land is wild arctic foxes and here some stunning photos from him. If you want to see more his works, you can visit at,,

The second nature photographer was a Dutch woman named Roeselien Raimond. She takes stunning photos of several types of creatures and wildlife. Foxes are one of her favorite wildlife animal. Here some photos from Roeselien and if you want to see more of her works, you can visit at,,,


After seeing this awesome foxes photos, do you like fox now? And if you want to help them from hunting, you can donate at WWF Gift Center.


6 thoughts on “狐が大好き!

      1. iya kk beda dari ukuran sama genus, tapi sama-sama famili Canidae atau famili anjing :3
        kalo serigala dari genus Canis dan jenis yang paling banyak dan dilindungi ntuh Grey Wolf.
        kalo rubah dari genus Vulpes (true foxes), dan paling terkenal jenis Red Fox yg juga dilindungi WWF.


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