Enjoying Kitsune Udon with JIJI

Last saturday, after bought a lot of manga, I intended to surround the mall and just look around, who knows maybe I get discount again. But unfortunately, my stomach rumbling sound was heard, and well, it’s LATE lunch time. Late? Yeah, because it was already 03.00 PM, and until now I have not eaten anything, too focused buy comics. Finally, I fill my stomach in a chain restaurant that serving udon noodles as a main menu, named MARUGAME UDON.

When I arrived at the front, I looked at the menu on a board and see there is a new menu added. I was so happy when I see that Kitsune Udon was added. So, with a cheerful smile, I ordered my favorite menu with Inari-zushi, Okara donuts, and hot green tea without sugar. In the past I usually eat with friends, but this time I’m accompanied by my nendoroid from online game Touken Ranbu called Mikazuki Munechika — by fans called JIJI (in Japan term, Jiji means oldmen, because this sword age already very very old).

mikazuki at marugame udon mp 04
JIJI : let’s enjoying our green tea, aruji!

Kitsune Udon is an udon noodles in hot Dashi soup topped with Aburaage that has been cooked in a sweet and salty sauce. Kitsune in Japan term means “fox”, but don’t worry, this menu don’t use fox meat in the dish. Aburaage is a deep fried tofu pockets and it is often used to wrap inari-zushi. So, when abuurage added to udon noodles dishes, which are called kitsune udon because of myths that foxes (kitsune) like deep-fried tofu.

Inari-zushi is a pouch of fried tofu typically filled with sushi rice alone. It is named after the Shinto god – Inari Ookami – a Japanese kami of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea, and Sake. Both kitsune udon and inari-zushi is the favorite food of kitsune and Inari-sama. Well, for those who appetite style is vegetarian, this menus is suitable for you.

And here, JIJI with my favorite menu — Kitsune Udon, Inari-zushi, Okara donuts, and green tea w/o sugar. Some photos you can look at my GALLERY – Light, Camera, Action!

mikazuki at marugame udon mp 01
JIJI stared the Kitsune Udon


MARUGAME UDON ~ Udon & Tempura ~
Menu price :
1. Kitsune Udon — IDR 40.000
2. Okara donuts — IDR 10.000
3. Inari-zushi — IDR 10.000
4. Hot green tea — IDR 10.000 (if runs out, free to add more)


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