It’s easy to organize your nendoroid

Have a large collection of nendoroid it has been own pleasure as a toy collector. And perhaps afraid of being damaged, my nendoroid is rarely removed from the box. I just take-it-out if there is a photo project or just displayed in my desk. But I’m also tired to take-it-out and put-it-back in his box, moreover nendoroid that I have is not only one and has many parts. Latter, the nendoroid boxes take up much space in the room.

So yesterday, since the holidays (Sacrifice Feast), and because my room already full with books everywhere, plus a collection of nendoroid which in turn makes my room was getting crowded, I also intend to tidy it up, and eventually even to clean it. Ok, it’s time to tidy up them!

So, what we need to organize the nendoroid? Here the list, its easy to get them and the price is so cheap.
(1) Nendoroid container, or its also known as “storage box” with the divider can be arranged your own will. There are storage box with divider that can’t be arranged and patents. You can get it on at some famous home frunishing stores like Ace Hardware and IKEA.
(2) Stickers-and-labels
(3) Clear sleeves
(4) Bubble warp
(5) Scissor or cutter
(6) Scotch tape
(7) Your nendoroids


Take-it-out all parts of your nendoroid and separate into faceplate, base body, front hair, back hair, hands & legs parts, stand base, and weapon (sword, magic wand, etc). Print out the name of your nendoroid in stickers-and-labels, for example “Ichigo Hitofuri”, and stick it on the clear sleeves.


For weapon, likes swords, magic wands, wings, etc., you can use the bubble warp to wrapped and to protect it from damage.


Put in your nendoroid parts on clear sleeves with gentle.


And here’s the result for my nendoroid Ichigo Hitofuri. 😊


After all parts of nendoroid put on clear sleeves, it’s time to placed neatly in your storage box like this.


And here my storage box now, and decided to buy some storage box for my upcoming nendoroid.



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